#1 Puzzle Subscription Box

Get a new 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle every month or quarter. Get cozy and puzzle on!


How it Works?



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Do you want a new puzzle subscription box every month or quarter? It is up to you. The price per box is the same.

What are Members saying about Puzzle Subscription Box?

I love the variety of puzzles they send me every month. Landscapes, cities, animals, and gradients.

Marie S., Wisconsin

I bought a puzzle subscription box as a gift to my mom. She loves it! She sends me a picture every month.

Lucy M., Ontario, Canada

There is nothing better than getting my puzzle every month. It takes my mind off everything for 5 to 7 hours.

Savannah C., New York

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Puzzle Subscription Box work?

Puzzle Subscription Box is a monthly or quarterly box containing a curated and handpicked jigsaw puzzle. All puzzles are 1,000 pieces.

Avoid decision fatique and inability to find a beautiful puzzle. We will make sure you get something truly great every time.

Go ahead and schedule a monthly puzzle night, give it as as gift or plan that date night. We ship it directly to your door without any hassle.

What puzzles are you going to send me?

We spend 100s of hours a month scouring our suppliers for the perfect puzzle. Some months we will send you a stunning landscape puzzle other times we will send you a beautiful animal puzzle or a catching gradient puzzle.

We always send a 1,000 piece puzzle. Here we have some of the our previous puzzles.

How often do I receive a new puzzle?

We have two different Puzzle Subscription Boxes. Monthly and quarterly. You can choose the best frequency when you are ordering.

When are you sending out my puzzle?

We strive to send out the first Puzzle Subscription Box within 1 – 3 days. The following puzzles will be send out the same date the following months or quarters.

Can I buy a Puzzle Subscription Box as a gift?

Absolutely! Many buy our Puzzle Subscription Boxes as a gift to a friend or family member. A gift that keeps on giving. Just make sure to input their address under shipping information and your own under billing information. We will make sure to include a small to and from card in the first box!

Can I buy a Puzzle Subscription Box outside the United States?

We ship our Puzzle Subscription Boxes worldwide. Just be aware that the shipping costs are higher for non-US orders.

How can I cancel my monthly Puzzle Subscription Box?

You can cancel your Puzzle Subscription Box anytime. Login to your account and cancel or modify your order. We can also help if you shoot us a message through our contact form.

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